The purpose of the Mentorship Training Program (aka MTP) is to provide new members with the tools needed to be part of a high functioning Men’s team. With the experience gained from completing MTP, members should be able contribute to and function on a Men’s teamĀ  anywhere in the world. Below are the requirements for becoming a fully ratified member of the Legacy Kings Men’s Division:

  • Have 3 Changes to Work Towards
  • Lead a Fun and Physical
  • Lead a Ritual
  • Create and Clear a CPR
  • Conduct an Interview
  • Lead a Team Meeting
  • Have a Leadership Role on a Team Overnight
  • Attend an Initiation Event
  • Visit 2 Other Teams (Core Team is Acceptable)
  • Production at an Event

Talk to your MTP Manager for clarity around all these points. The MTP process begins when you commit to membership. Begin by completing the required fields on the MTP form below.


Start the MTP Process!