We became a ratified division of MDI in February of 2014 under the name A Valley Division, this was changed to Legacy Kings in April of 2014 when our name was unanimously chosen by the wisdom of the Men at our division meeting.

Today we are a small but strong division of Men working to build a legacy for years to come.  As the first division coordinator for Legacy Kings my vision was and still is “We are Men fighting to live our best lives now”, we are not waiting for something to occur that will allow us to be happy we can choose with intention to be happy, living with a context of gratitude, seeing the truth that life is a gift and should never be taken for granted.

The work we do in our circles is most effective when a Man is lead to his own truth through powerful revealing questions. By allowing Men to get the wisdom or reflection from other Men we individually can begin to shift our way of being so that we become the Men we always wanted to be. The fundamentals of what we do is focusing Men on living a life of gratitude through being of service to each other our families and communities. We should live each day with intention and purpose, choosing to lead by example knowing there is a powerful purpose in choosing a life of service.